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“The instructor of the Wednesday evening class often begins the class with a short story pulled from a range of sources as a way of framing the class whether it is to push ourselves or to connect the yoga class with our outside lives. I can appreciate these moments as I feel like the instructor is emphasizing not only to push through the physical challenges of yoga but to also see yoga as means for deeper growth. After all, this place is called “Awakening”. Yoga is not only physical but mental as well. Otherwise, I would have gone to a gym for just the physical workout.

As a beginner yoga practicer, I have found Wednesday Core and Restore class to be friendly and challenging. Each session has a different routine and can sometimes be surprisingly when something new is introduced. The class is open and so I often see a range of students, many who are much more advanced than I am. This is motivational for me to push myself further. Adjustments are often suggested and made as we move through poses. I’ve been a repeating student as I feel my instructor knows me well enough to adjust and assist me when I need it and give me space as well. With each class, she goes around to the students both new and old to see where they are. She makes a friendly effort to reach out to new students. As they continue to come, she gets to know them better and their specific mods or adjustments.

The instructor is thoughtful in her instruction and encourages us to work harder, not just through the yoga movements but being the yoga mentality. It’s not just about the yoga we do in class but how we bring it outside with us.” – Thuan

“I have taken several CLASSES at Awakening and even done some of their workshops and overall they are fabulous! They have classes that are both great for beginners and experienced yogis just be sure to check online before to find a class at your comfort level of discovery! Each of the teachers are really well qualified. Their yoga space has healing potencies just awaits soul exploration!” – Megan

“I’m no yogi but I came for a restorative yoga class with Yael and was very pleased. I left so relaxed. I hadn’t done yoga in forever and have an injury from lots of cardio, so I was kinda anxious, but she was really mindful and put me at ease. She used essential oils also that smelled so good. The studio itself was also gorgeous and prices are totally reasonable. Definitely a good stretch! And I know I’m getting a great nights sleep 🙂 I’ll be back here!” – Marissa

“I tried Classic Hatha Yoga with Stephen. I’ve never been to a class in such a traditional style and it was radical! I work with “chronic” low back pain and by doing savasana between each pose I was able to release it completely and go full tilt in wheel and other strong arches. This is unheard of for me and kind of a miracle but I am not the least bit surprised. Miracles happen every day through yoga. Grateful for Stephen’s attentive adjustments and graceful, humble presence.” – Molly