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Class Descriptions

Alignment Yoga

Learn how to understand and read your body while in a pose. We will take time to explore a range of poses and apply therapeutics at the same time. This class will build your strength, flexibility and knowledge .

Beginner’s Vinyasa Yoga in Polish

This class introduces yoga to the Polish community . It is for every age, level of fitness, and body shape. Each session has a different rhythm and variety of asanas focused on joyful stretching and movement. .

Pilates Core 

Pilates focuses on core strength. It also builds upper body, back, gluts and leg strength, improving your posture, restoring balance and making you feel and look great. Various props such as foam rollers, Pilates rings, yoga blocks and balls are incorporated to enhance and intensify the workout.

Hatha Yoga & Breath and Meditation 

The class focuses is on holding each posture for an extended period of time with the exact alignment for each individual depending upon their present physical capabilities. Focusing also on a specific rhythmic breathing pattern and attentively with the eyes for each posture to acutely increase one’s ability to concentrate. The 2 hour class concludes with approximately 10 minutes of pranayama (breath retention or control) and a 15 minute seated silent mediation. The class is intense but open to all .

Vinyasa Yoga 

In this class students focus on the journey between asanas while moving through sun salutations and standing poses with reminders to smile and breathe.  Long stretches, twists, heart opening.

Back Body Core

A class focused on strengthening and developing the posterior core. Targeting the muscle groups surrounding the spine and hips this class will teach you to engage your back body in a way you have never before. This class is a mixture of mindful movements, strength training and meditation. Back Body Core is great class for those who have low back discomfort or pain and want to heal it, and for those who want to to take their practice to the next level.

Pilates Fusion (Pilates for Modern Dance)

This class begins by exploring the basic core principles and mat choreography of Pilates, with the use of props. In a progressive development from floor to standing, a series of recognizable movements are strung together to form phrases of Humphrey-Limon dance technique floor work. The phrases are based on the fundamentals of weight with regards to gravity, suspension, opposition and fall and recovery. Each phrase challenges the core’s stability and the body’s coordination while reinforcing correct alignment. Practicing how to sustain isolated neutral positions of the pelvis, spine and shoulders, allows for a wider range of movement variations that are supported, yet fluid.

Body Sculpt

Shape /tone aka core conditioning is a routine designed to work all major muscle groups from head to toe using dumbbells as well as your own body weight.

 Restorative Yoga with optional Reiki Healing

Using universal life energy known as Reiki and restorative yoga poses, Nicole will lead you through a journey self healing and care. This is a beautiful practice that is intended to allow one to go deep within and grasp one’s true nature and workout blockages, fears, anxiety’s, fatigue and the causes of physical discomfort.
All levels are welcome. This practice is safe for those who are pregnant and who have injuries.
Intentions for each class:
Grounding; Taking root and tuning in with your abundant nature.
Deep Healing; Letting go of grief, sadness, trauma and ancestral baggage
Opening; Welcoming in magical reality, love, joy and optimal health


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