with Mariola Jedynasty
Energy Healer

$130/60 min

$190/90 min

Reiki transfers divine energy through the practitioner’s palms, which promotes healing in body, mind, and spirit. Throughout the Reiki treatment, you will experience deep relaxation, a slower heart rate, and improved breathing. Reiki focuses on balancing the nervous system and chakras for overall wellbeing. Most people notice a difference after the first Reiki treatment, and the benefits grow with follow-up sessions. Reiki provides overall balance to help you feel and function better. This noninvasive practice is safe, and supports any medical treatment.


“I had my first Reiki session with Mariola and that week I lost 7 pounds and felt the energy shifts in shocks help me regain control over my life!” – Amada

“I had a Reiki massage with Mariola and it was one of the most relaxing calming experiences I have ever had. Mariola was kind and had gentle way about her and the room I was in was so beautiful.” – Sara

Shamanic Reiki
(with Essential Oils, Crystals, and Shamanic Tools)

with Mariola Jedynasty
Energy Healer

$150/60 min

$210/90 min

$400/3 sessions 60 min each

This treatment is deeper than a regular Reiki sesion. Shamanic cleansing tools, crystal therapy, aromatherapy and sound therapy wake up the senses to help in the process of reinvigorating the physical and ethereal body on a multidimensional level. Mariola is a natural empath who is able to tune into the vibrations of the body. She offers complimentary channeling with
messages to continue the healing process.


The Reiki session was something else. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I had never done reiki and it was such a breath of fresh air. I felt light as a feather afterwards and I couldn’t stop smiling. Mariola was the Reiki healer for my session. She is very warm and present. She’s very genuine and I could tell she genuinely wants and enjoys healing clients. She really knew what she was doing. She took the time to talk to me afterwards and I really appreciated that. I would most definitely go back to Mariola again!! I loved my session with her.” – Nicole

This place is amazing… I did Reiki Healing and Aura Cleansing with Mariola !! She changed my life!! Amazing energy and vibe!! Please go!” – Pamela

Aura and Chakra Cleansing
with Mariola Jedynasty
Energy Healer

Women (with body scrub)

$250/100 min

$690/3 sessions 100 min each (package)

Men (without body scrub)

$220/100 min

$620/3 sessions 100 min each (package)

This therapy revolves around one’s connection to Mother Earth. Mariola uses body scrub, herbs, stones, essential oils and special breathwork designed specifically for each individual. By removing stagnant energies through Shamanic Bodywork, the client receives the benefits of mental clarity, a boost in vital energy, and a release of unwanted blockages. A typical session involves chakra alignment and clearing on a very deep, multidimensional level. It enhances self-esteem, unleashes your inner power and connects you with your authentic self. A follow-up plan is established for further self-healing. The healing is very beneficial for clients with depression and anxiety. Her gift is ability to awaken joy & fulfillment in your daily life.


“I received a Chakra Cleanse from Mariola and I can honestly say it was life-changing. She possesses the ability to wipe away the struggles of the battlefield of life while fueling the body, mind, and heart for peace and happiness going forward. She has truly mastered her art. My healing was divine magic!” – Megan

“I had an aura and chakra healing session with Mariola. She is the owner and she is truly an incredible human being and healer. She is thoroughly knowledgeable and well practiced in different spiritual forms of healing and practices. I completely trust her. She works from a place of love and it’s easy to let go and get comfortable in her presence.” – Felicia

“When I came to the Awakening over 2.5 years ago for a Gal-entines Massage, I was already on the beginning journey of my professional and personal transformation but I felt like I was still struggling. I decided to look for a Shaman based on my cultural upbringing as a Peruvian and found the Awakening had Aura & Chakra Cleansing with Mariola. I was pretty apprehensive to the idea that this would help but everything else I was trying to help myself with wasn’t working, i.e. self-help books, positive people, working out more, eating better, and sleeping; so I figured why not. My “why not” decision has been one of the best spiritual decision I have made. Mariola is genuinely gifted and I have gone onto to learn more about myself while gaining acceptance of other areas. I have recommended and gifted the experience to about six individuals and each of them has raved and then paid forward the experience to others. You don’t have to believe in it, you simply need to be ready for something new.” – Carolina

Crystal Healing with Reiki
with Rafal Jedynasty
Certified Crystal Healer

$120/60 min

Crystals were born when the Earth was they have memories and vibrational healing properties. During this session, you can experience deep relaxation, stress relief, balance of the physical, emotional and ethereal body. Each crystal has a unique set of properties. Therapist will choose certain crystals to align your chakras and to balance your vibrations. Gentle touch – Reiki will calm your nervous system and open your energy channels.your authentic self. A follow-up plan is established for further self-healing. The healing is very beneficial for clients with depression and anxiety. Her gift is ability to awaken joy & fulfillment in your daily life.

Sound Healing with Crystals
with Rafal Jedynasty
Certified Crystal Healer

$130/60 min

Sound awakens an ancient remembrance, touches the soul and helps you to connect with the source of our creation. During this healing, physical, emotional and mental blockages are removed by vibrations of the sound coming from the singing bowls, chimes, crystal pyramids and tuning forks. This process will be empowered by healing properties from the crystals placed on the body.

Craniosacral Therapy
with Ewa Tunia
Craniosacral Therapist

$110/60 min

It is a gentle hands on method which activates your immune system and increases level of endorphins (hormones of happiness) in your body. It is very effective for: chronic fatigue, migraines and headaches, sinus pressure, neck and back pain, depression and anxiety, stress and emotional difficulties.


“Craniosacral Therapy sessions with Ewa are like a breeze of fresh air for my stressed, heavy head. I usually come for a session with a monkey mind and I leave completely relaxed and calm. Ewa’s energy is very soothing and warm. She is very experienced and professional.” – Mariola

Energy Healing with Painting
with Paulina Skorwider
Energy Healer

$160/90 min

Throughout our lives, our hearts call us to be our authentic selves. It can be a difficult process, as our authentic selves are often not accepted by our minds. During a healing session, Paulina helps you to connect with your heart and to cleanse and release blockages which prevent your truth from shining through. While you are in a deep relaxation she creates a painting for you representing your state of mind, heart, and your healing process. The picture itself is powerful, it is a symbol of your journey and your transformation.


“My session with her was really pure and kind. This woman is a pure soul. She is authentic, kind and soft. Everything that she told me during our session was right on point and the painting that she had made for me and gave it to me at the end of our session was so close to my heart. I instantly felt connected to it. It was a really nurturing and peaceful moment with her…” – Marine

Soul Therapy
with Marcin Kowal
Energy Healer

$120/90 min

Soul Therapy sessions open you to your authenticity and uniqueness on the deepest level – the soul. During these sessions, the soul returns to the lost aspects of its true self. It can be love, happiness, wisdom, awareness, light, abundance, spontaneity, creativity, freedom, etc. These parts get lost through traumas.

After Soul Therapy sessions your activities, actions, and choices will express your real self more and more. You will gradually start to realize what in your life is not in harmony with your path, and you will naturally and effortlessly start living from your authentic soul.

Palm Reading
with Paul Beaudet
Master Palm Reader

$120/60 min

Palmistry gives insights into one’s career, health, and relationships. Clairvoyance can help answer specific questions and bring forth spirits of departed ones. Paul utilizes his clairvoyance with the palm reading to produce a clear vision of the future for his clients.

Beauty & Wellness Ritual
with Gosia Bednarz
Cosmetologist and Reiki Practitioner

$185/90 min

Connect your inner and outer beauty by experiencing rejuvenating facial and spiritual restoration of energy. Only holistic, handmade and natural skincare products and raw ingredients are used for your skin type and condition. It includes deep cleansing with exfoliation and extraction, mask, oxygen infusion and Reiki. Feel better and look better.

Stones & Bones
with Erika Brown
Intuitive Light Worker

$150/90 min

(Also known as Sortilege or Cleromancy) is a method of divination through the casting of symbolic items and the patterns they create. Navigating your Path by using the placement of symbols to reveal connected moments/patterns/tendencies (and lack thereof) while recommending practical applications/tasks, practices on your Path/Mission and how all is interrelated with key points, obstacles, lessons, and resonance. Multi-dimensional holistic readings based on symbology, using light work, esoteric and intuitive life coaching for multi-faceted beings.